Slow Ital Vital Food…

At the Ital Food Company, we challenge the way you think about and eat food. We combine the best of Caribbean Ital cuisine, Vegan and Raw Foodist elements to create a fusion of flavours and dishes that will delight and nourish you. We believe that food should be served at its most natural, without refined, heavily processed ingredients, without animal or dairy products, and without artificial preservatives.

We specialise in cooking the slow way and it is our philosophy that food should be enjoyed by all 5 senses, but not at the expense of our health; so we take our time to create ital cooked and raw vegan food that is unhurried in its nature (we don’t believe in fast ‘food-stuff’), with ingredients that have been chosen thoughtfully and put together consciously, for the benefit of your pallet and your well-being.

tumblr jewel salad


At the Ital Food Company, we strive to create wholesome food without harming animals and our philosophy drives us to be mindful of negative environmental practices. You can savour your meal knowing that we have thought about your choices before you do, so all that is left is for you to choose what you wish to eat, in the knowledge that your meal will be a universally harmonious culinary experience.


food made with love & good vibes……….”taste the love”



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